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Shiny Wartortle by Phatmon66

The Impact of this is just AMAZING!!!!!! The technique is flawless and done rather well on your behalf. You made this obvious that this...




I LOOOOOOOVE the awesome blu background! I really love his fangs too!!! His smile is sooooo adorable! I love his eyes the most.... so m...

M2+3:TFOTPK - Chapter 0 P.1 by Marcotto

Heck yea!!!!!!!! This is on top of it's prime. Nice colors, well written to a t, pokey and his expression(super hilarious), nicely done...

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Attention Dudes!!! It has been brought to my attention that my new friend, (ummm well I haven't actually became their friend yet... -_-') :iconskyline19:, may end up out on the streets by Tomorrow since they haven't accumulated enough money to actually pay their rent up to this point and they need continuous money donations of their art being bought roughly before 11pm tonight... please help them!!! :iconsighingplz:
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Hyper Timmy (Timmy)
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United States
My Name is Hyper Timmy. I Have Irish In My Blood. I Was Abandoned At Birth By My real Father Burton Wilkes Who Now Lives In Jackson TN, And Is Married To A New Wife With 2 Kids Of His Own... Not Counting Me.... I Look Like My Real Father As Well. I Think My Real Father Had Irish In Him Too, Which Would Mean I'd Be 100% Irish! (And Part German). :) I Miss My Real Father And Hope He Still Loves Me The Way I Still Love Him. I am an extreme Tom-Boy Too! I'm A Born Gemini, And Have Double Personality(Act good At School/With friends, But Hard-Headed Or Uhhhhg At Home). Love Halloween, Candy Corn, And Caramel Candies/Chocolate! :) I May Be A Tad Slovenly, Even Borederline And Feral. Also Like Mentioned, A Self-Harmer... I Am A Mindless Sugar Addicted Zombie!!! :o I get easily embarassed a lot, and blush a deep red and tend to look away and smile for no reason in situations like this. I laugh at nothing at times. I sorta curse a bit, but only with friends. I sampled Alchol in small shot glasses. (medicine cups). I loooove Zombies, and want to be one for reals one day!!! :D Also, I love the Manga, "I Luv Halloween Ultimate Twisted Edition." Pig Pig is my favorite of the group from the manga. I now look up to Benjamin Roman and Keith Giffen, as my top 2 new idols in life. My new Goal... Hmmm... I still wanna go to Japan... but I wanna be a real live Zombie someday too. Thanx to Pig Pig I took a deeper interest into Zombies, and even borrowed the, "Dawn Of The Dead," dvd from my Uncle Danny. Heck when Devil Lad And Finch were bettin' 5 bucks as to whether or not Pig Pig knew what the word, "Pertinent," meant, I actually looked it up myself, cuz I too didn't know what it meant... So basically that is why Pig Pig is my fav, I too have a slow brain... possibly Simple-minded too. I am proud to be this way now, however. So yeah. I am now 21. My birthday is May 25th and I was born May 25th 1991. I tend to eat a lot, slow, I am very artsy-crafty, i tend to, at times, say rather stupid or idiotic things from time to time, some of which are said at random when least expected, And I can be intelligent when I wanna be at times, I tend to ask a lot of questions, i am helpful as well, i try to make everyone else happy, I may be a tad annoying to some however... I am great at giving advice when needed, have a wonderful sense of humor, i am adventerous, I believe in Ghosts, wish zombies did exsist so i can be one, and want to know if Aliens are real or not, I have great imagination, and it's obvious i am severeally creative, I am lonely a lot sadly... :cries:, I love to dance, sing, and hum to my favorite music! I am Innocent, Gullable(naieve), little kids way younger than me tend to adore me, i am Shy, always quiet, Socially Awkward at times in public areas, thinks outloud to myself, loves music and sweets, Accident-prone(clumsy 24-7/Always getting hurt), somewhat lazy or relaxed at times, hyper, crazy, hard to comprehend at times, out of it at other times, and much more.... I also eat the wierdest stuff. I can't ever sit still for 5 seconds... I stand and eat and drink my drink at all my meal times last, I am kind-hearted, loyal to all and any, Caring, only speak when spoken to, but after somone says hi, i can't stop talking... ^^; I think a lot! I zone out way too much now.... ^^; I am very forgetful recently it seems too.... I think our current house is haunted as well... Hm... RANDOM PIG PIG!!! :iconpigpigplz: I sometimes mis-spell words on occasion, and I tend to yell rather loud at times with friends whenever we go to buy sweets or just somethin to drink or eat overall. So yeah, i am most likely crazy. A party animal nonetheless. I am super sensitive and get easily offended and angered quickly. I tend to say scary threats in my defense to scare off the person threatening me, to make it seem that i am tougher than them and should be feared rather than hugged... however... i am short... (5''3)... And I look like i am 'round the age of 12-16 according to those who actually know me in rl.... So yeah... I don't look all that scary.... And ppl say i am cute.... Uhhhhnnng! Oh well... That is all I can say... When I am really pissed, I scratch myself in my deepest anger.... I am a christian and i beleive in God! :iconrainbowheartplz: When I am pissed I also scream or yell angrily to sound more threatening. I also put up a balled fist in the person's face as a last attempt to scare my attacker away. I Love The Fairly Odd Parents And Danny Phantom Too!!! :icontimmyturnerplz: :icondannyfentonplz:

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Alright... Guys I finally made a Donation Pool For Points. I hope my goal for 500 Points will be successful. Anyway Pls Oh Pls donate me some leftover points??? :iconbabynesspuppyeyesplz:

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FrostStormClaw 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for all the favs :iconsneakhugplz:
PigPigTimothy 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome!!!! :3
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You got hugged :iconsweethugplz: !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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PigPigTimothy 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Johsfy 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whaaa! Thanks ALOTTY for the fav! It really means alot to me!<3
PigPigTimothy 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Welkz! :salute: :3
PigPigTimothy Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyz! :3
AngelTjasa Apr 4, 2014  New member
PigPigTimothy Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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